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Example Fares From Andover*
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Andover to:
Approximate Villages Journey Prices
Village Prices From* Village Prices From*
Abbotts Ann 6.60 Ludgerhall 11.00
Amport 8.40 Overton 16.00
Appleshaw 9.00 Quarley 11.40
Barton Stacey 11.00 Redenham 10.00
Chilbolton 9.00 Stockbridge 12.00
Hatherdean 7.80 St Mary Bourne 10.00
Hurstbourne Tarrant 10.00 Thruxton 9.40
Hurstbourne Priors 10.00 Vernham Dean 13.00
Kimpton 11.00 Wherwell 8.40
Longparish 10.00 Whitchurch 12.00
*A Fixed Price quote will be given when booking a journey. Note that all guideline pricing assumes that either the pick-up point or the destination is in central Andover and that the journey is prior to midnight. Journeys which do not fulfil these criteria will be more expensive.


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